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The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method – Volume 1: The Art and Technique of the Classical Guitar Book/CD Pack

(Guitar Method). This premier method for the beginning classical guitarist, by one of the world’s pre-eminent virtuosos and the recognized heir to the legacy of Andres Segovia, is now available with a CD! Guitarists will learn basic classical technique by playing over 50 beautiful classical pieces, 26 exercises and 14 duets, and through numerous photos and illustrations. The method covers: rudiments of classical technique, note reading and music theory, selection and care of guitars, strategies for effective practicing, and much more! The CD includes 99 demonstration tracks.

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Price: $ 10.07

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50 Classical Guitar Pieces – In Tablature and Standard Notation

(Creative Concepts Publishing). 50 pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras arranged, edited and fingered by Joseph Harris. Includes notes about the composers and each period, and performance suggestions. All pieces are in standard notation and tablature.

  • Published by Creative Concepts 104 Pages
  • Classical Guitar with Tab arranged by Joseph Harris
  • Arranger: Joseph Harris

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 7.54

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Solo Guitar Playing – Book 1, 4th Edition

(Music Sales America). Express yourself through the beautiful voice of the solo guitar. Solo Guitar Playing can teach even the person with no previous musical training how to progress from simple single-line melodies to mastery of the guitar as a solo instrument. Fully illustrated with diagrams, photographs, and over 200 musical exercises and repertoire selections, this book offers thorough instruction in every phase of classical guitar playing. Complete coverage of individual skills includes: Basic technique; Reading music, memorizing, and ear-training; Mastering the fingerboard; Building dexterity and speed; Developing tone color and musical phrasing; Position playing; Interpretation; and more. Since its first printing in 1968, Frederick Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing has been used by countless students and teachers of classical guitar. The fourth edition features revised and updated exercises and an expanded selection of solo guitar repertoire gleaned from the best-selling Frederick Noad Guitar Anthology.

List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 10.45

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The Shearer Method: Classic Guitar Foundations (Book, CD & DVD)

Aaron Shearers Classic Guitar Technique has long been one of the definitive classic guitar methods; adopted by serious guitarists all over the world. The Shearer Method: Classic Guitar Foundations, Aarons final work, is the first in a series that encapsulates his lifetime experience as Americas premier classic guitar pedagogue. This new work is a step-by-step curriculum based on Aarons innovative and common sense approach that incorporates all the advantages of modern technology. The method includes 63 DVD videos for up-close aural and visual learning, 74 new solo and duet compositions and arrangements (made exclusively for this method by Dr. Alan Hirsh) as well as works by Sor, Carcassi, Giuliani and more. Plus, recorded tracks that masterfully illustrate nuance, tone and musicality. The book even includes Alfreds exclusive TNT software that allows you to slow down and loop tracks for careful practice. In addition, a complete online supplement is available for teachers and students that want a deeper understanding of Shearers work. The book does not replace Aarons original classic. It augments and expands on it in ways not imaginable in the early 60s when the original was published. A must have to complete the library of any classic or finger-style guitarist! The Shearer Method Classic Guitar Foundations, is not just a book but a media experience.

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Price: $ 21.63

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50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos

(Music Sales America). The pieces and etudes you need to develop your first classical guitar repertoire. This book and CD package contains delightful repertory of pieces in both standard notation and tab for the beginning or intermediate player. The selections are drawn from all periods of classical guitar literature and have been newly arranged and edited by Jerry Willard. The CD includes full-length performances. Learn pieces by Sor, Carulli, Dowland, Mozart, Tarrega, and many more.

  • .

List Price: $ 17.95
Price: $ 9.77

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A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar: Book 1 – Book Only (HL00695114)

(Guitar). A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar is designed for anyone just learning to play guitar. Written by one of the premier classical guitarists of our time and based on years of teaching students of all ages, this revised edition includes many new pieces and an in-depth introduction to two-part music (thumb-and-fingers technique) the heart of the classical style! Book 1 includes: rest stroke and free stroke, how to read music, playing in open position, sharps and flats, basic notes and dotted notes, time signatures (4/4, 3/4, 2/4), melody with bass accompaniment, solos and duets, and more!

  • Contemporary frameworkGuitar chord frames and symbolsBeginning fingerboard techniqueMusic theory

List Price: $ 6.99
Price: $ 2.26

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Classic Guitar Technique, Vol 1 (Book & CD) (Shearer Series)

Aaron Shearers Classic Guitar Technique has long been the core guitar method used by generations of classical guitarists. Alfred Publishing is proud to present Aarons first fully revised and re-edited edition of this benchmark work. In addition to new exercises and music, Aaron and music editor Thomas Kikta have included critical new insights into core guitar techniques. Plus, for the first time, the book now comes with a demonstration and play-along CD. Students will be able to hear and emulate the tone and feel of the CD recording and they will have the opportunity to play their pieces as duets with the included recording. In addition, insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer and our exclusive “”TNT”” software allows you to changes tempos, mute the student part, and even loop sections for repeated practice.

List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 9.03

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Classical Guitar BK/CD Hal Leonard Guitar Method

(Guitar Method). The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method is designed for anyone just learning to play classical guitar. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner’s guide by renowned classical guitarist and teacher Paul Henry uses the music of the master composers to teach you the basics of the classical style and technique. The accompanying CD features all the pieces in the book for demonstration and play along. Includes pieces by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Giuliani, Carcassi, Bathioli, Aguado, Tarrega, Purcell, and more. Includes all the basics plus info on PIMA technique, two- and three-part music, time signatures, key signatures, articulation, free stroke, rest stroke, composers, and much more. Does NOT include tablature.

  • Softcover with CD80 pagesSize: 12″ x 9″Author: Paul HenryISBN: 634093290

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 7.50

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The Huge Book of Classical Guitar Solos in TAB: Play Weddings or Any Gig with These Great Arrangements of Music from the Renaissance to Ragtime

Every guitarist needs a solid collection of classical pieces to successfully perform at weddings, private parties, restaurants, and other venues. The Huge Book of Classical Guitar Solos in TAB is your ticket to playing any of these occasions with ease. With over 150 solo guitar arrangements of the best-known classical pieces, this collection features both standard music notation and TAB to make learning the pieces quick and easy. It includes compositions from various parts of the world and numerous periods in music history—from the Renaissance to ragtime. With over 400 pages of music, you will be ready for every solo gig that comes your way.

List Price: $ 34.99
Price: $ 19.46

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100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies

(Music Sales America). The works of Sor, Guiliani and Cacassi have been selected for this book to provide the student with an invaluable guide for developing both left-and right-hand skills. Includes study and performance notes on each piece.

  • Published by Music Sales America 178 Pages
  • Guitar ed. Frederick Noad
  • Editor: Frederick Noad

List Price: $ 27.99
Price: $ 15.54

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