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Fairouz: Native Informant

Mohammed Fairouz is one of the most
frequently performed, commissioned,
and recorded composers of his
generation, melding Middle-Eastern
music and poetry with Western
structures to deeply expressive effect.
Native Informant, written for leading
international soloist Rachel Barton
Pine, embodies Arabic fiddling motifs
as well as songful excitement,
underpinned by a lament for the
victims of the Egyptian Revolution.
The lullaby Tahwidah and the song
cycle Posh evoke tenderness and loss,
whilst Jebel Lebnan was commissioned
by the Imani Winds and musically
chronicles events from the Lebanese
Civil War and their effect on the
current face of Lebanon.

  • Record Label: Naxos
  • Catalog#: 8559744
  • Year Of Release: 2013

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The Very Best of Fairuz, Vol. 1

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Glass: Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra & Fairouz: Symphony No. 4, ‘In the Shadow of No Towers’

Philip Glass’ Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra, composed in 2000 and transcribed for wind ensemble by Mark Lortz in 2004, is a significant addition to the repertoire of large-scale works for timpani. The work is rhythmically galvanizing, sonically alluring, and features virtuoso cadenzas for both soloists. Symphony No. 4 ‘In the Shadow of No Towers’ is Mohammed Fairouz’s first major work for wind ensemble, and its inspiration is the provocative comic book by Art Spiegelman, written shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Spiegelman himself has commented: ‘I’m moved by [this] scary, somber, and seriously silly symphony… I’m honored that the composer found an echo in my work that allowed him to strike a responsive chord and express his own complex responses to post 9/11 America. He emerges from the rubble with a very tony piece of high-brow cartoon music.’

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  • Manufacturer: NAXOS RECORDS
  • Genre: Classical Music
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Very Best of V.2

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Legend – The Best Of Fairuz

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Sumeida’s Song

Sumeida’s Song, is Mohammed Fairouz’s first opera, completed when the brilliant Arab-American composer was 22 years old. The opera is based on Tawfiq al-Hakim’s play ‘Song of Death’, a classic in Arab theater. Sumeida’s Song follows the return of Alwan, a young man, from Cairo to his village in Upper Egypt. He defies his family’s expectations that he will fulfill an age-old blood feud. Instead, he reveals that the true purpose of his return is to end the violence, and bring light and enlightenment to his village. For challenging the structure of his society, he pays the ultimate price. Mohammed Fairouz’s score is an inspired synthesis of the microtonal inflections of Arabic maquam (much of the second and third scenes are composed using quarter-tones) and more traditional western opera. Sumeida’s Song comes at a poignant time in Arab history with Alwan posing the eternal question: “Have not our people the same rights in life as others?”

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Critical Models: Chamber Works of Mohammed Fairouz

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The Legendary Fairuz

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Software Testing: Concepts and Operations (Quantitative Software Engineering Series)

The book attempts to synthesize several decades’ worth of advances in software testing, skipping tentative techniques and short-lived fads to focus on time-tested ideas and concepts that are expected to remain relevant as testing technology evolves. This book is not necessarily interested in the latest technologies, precisely because such technologies do not remain latest for too long; rather it is interested in the principles, concepts and processes that are fundamental to the software testing function, and will likely remain relevant in the long run. This textbook recognizes the multiple uses of software testing, and explores the implications of the different uses on the conduct of the testing activity. By contrast, most other books equate testing with debugging, and focus on this particular goal at the exclusion of other important goals. This textbook recognizes the multiple phases and activities of software testing, and gives a balanced coverage of all these important phases and activities. By contrast, because they equate testing with debugging, most other books focus on the most critical activity of debugging, which is to diagnose faults, at the expense of other important tasks, such as test oracle design and implementation, test driver design and implementation, and test outcome analysis.

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Yes Ed Sabahak

Yesed Sabahak (“Bonjour”), c’est un chant généreux et une voix au registre impressionnant tôt découverte par le compositeur et ancien directeur de la radio libanaise, Halim El Roumi qui la pousse à s’inscrire au Conservatoire national. L’album rappelle que Fairouz est fondatrice, dès les années 50, de la nouvelle musique libanaise avec les frères Rahbani, Mansour et Assi, son mari, disparu en 1986. Cantatrice inconsolable, Fairouz a transformé en oeuvres populaires tout ce qu’elle a chanté, opérettes, chansons légères, odes dramatiques. Ces dernières années, son fils, Ziad Rahbani est devenu son principal compositeur, lui, le féru de jazz. –Bouziane Daoudi

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