Hot Licks Learn Drums with 6 Great Masters DVD

Hot Licks Learn Drums with 6 Great Masters DVD

Drummer Steve Holly will provide a new introduction on this DVD. After recording an album with Elton John in 1977, Steve was asked by Paul McCartney to join Wings. Holley performed and recorded with Wings until the group disbanded in 1981. Since then he has toured and played with KiKi Dee, Joe Cocker, Julian Lennon, Dar Williams, Chuck Berry, and Ian Hunter.

Six great lessons from the masters of the drum kit

Lesson 1: Joe Morello will cover hand positions, natural position rudiments, holding the sticks, and stick control.

Lesson 2: Ginger Banker will cover rudiments, paradiddles, and playing around the kit.

Lesson 3: Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres will show you cross-stick for Latin and blues styles.

Lesson 4: Kenwood Dennard will discuss practice routines, multiple strokes, and the 16th note accents.

Lesson 5: Tommy Aldridge, the Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne rock master, will cover double-bass drum techniques.

Lesson 6: Carmine Appice will demonstrate snare drum triple beats, drag strokes, and snare and bass drum coordination.
List Price: 19.95
Price: 19.95