Handmade and Good quality bouzouki made by CAGLAR in Turkey.


  • Solid wood: Spruce wood
  • Fret board: Wenge wood
  • Face: Spruce wood
  • Neck: Hornbeam wood
  • Bowl: Basswood-Mahogany wood

Spruce is number one on the list of strength-to-weight ratio for all the woods in the world.  So, for a given strength, a piece of spruce will weigh less. That’s why it has been used in aircraft, ship masts, and a variety of other structural situations. A string instruments top such as a Guitar or Bouzouki is a structural situation to be sure. The relentless pull of the strings demands that the top of the guitar be very strong; the need for good resonance demands that the top be as light as possible.

Listen to the instrument.

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Tuner Included

Description for TUNER

  • Tuner for Chromatic, Guitar and Bass.
  • Accurate tuning. Fast and stable
  • Easy to clip on. Soft material on clip to protect your instruments.
  • White + Green backlight.
  • One button switch for power and tuning item selection.
  • Rubber finish
  • Large sized reading screen graphics.
  • Compact size to clip right behind your guitar headstock.
  • AT-301


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